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The best known troubadours from Buzo are the Babele from Ulmet - Bozioru, which are more like spacecraft collapsed and abandoned, some of impressive size.

Of course, people's imaginations work independently of what scientists say, so, among other things, they have even been attributed extraterrestrial origin.

But why are these troubadours so strange?

So far no one has given a credible explanation as to their form and origin, although they have been studied and re-studied.

According to dictionaries, a trough is an ellipsoidal portion within a layer of sand or friable sandstone, cemented by calcareous waters. They tend to grow spontaneously, from the centre outwards, with a deposition rate of a few cm every few thousand years.

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They occur as nodular, spheroidal, ellipsoidal, discoidal or cylindrical mineral aggregates with a massive, concentric or flat structure, ranging in size from a few millimetres to several metres. Obviously, once dug out of the sand, growth ceases.

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Since 2018 Bozioru Town Hall has been receiving access fee in the area with trovans and babees (for landscaped parking, access road resurfacing, signs, litter bins, public toilets, information materials, etc.).

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