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The world's most popular competition raft boat, right now!

Technical description

Nr of places - 6+1                                                           

Size - 395x185cm                                           

Tube diameter - 48cm                                                    

Nr. Rooms - 5+3                                                         

No. Crossings - 3                                                            

Weight - 58kg                                                          

Packed size - 138x80x45cm                       

Available colours: red, blue, green, yellow

Technical elements included:

Marketing elements:

Both boats and buoy floats can be printed with logos submitted to the bidder by the beneficiary, with printing costs on request.

Logistical services included in the offer which are the responsibility of the bidder:

Warranties and maintenance:

The rafting boats are delivered with a European Certificate of Conformity. Before delivery, each boat is individually checked for quality, buoyancy and watertightness.

The quality of manufacture is proven in over 10 years of use of this model by commercial operators and sports federations in Europe, New Zealand, Nepal, Peru, Bolivia, China and African countries.

The model has been used as a competition boat at the 2018 European Championship in Slovakia, at the World Cup in China 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, at more than 10 European Cups in Europe and Great Britain.

The same model is also the official competition boat of the Romanian Professional Rafting Association.

On delivery the boats come with repair materials included and transport/protection cover.

The supplier offers warranty replacement services for major production defects for 30 days after delivery.

For maintenance/repair/replacement of accessories the Supplier provides free services under warranty for 12 months from the date of delivery and against cost at any time, upon request, at its headquarters in Valea Lupului nr. 49, Buzau county.

The structure, shape, size and fittings of the boats can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements.

Adjustments at the request of the beneficiary

Double floor compartment and side bubbles, anti-friction

MJK 395R green colour

Logo printed on the side

Front view
Blue version with foot cones