Ski Instructor

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Learning a mountain sport like skiing or snowboarding on your own is quite difficult. That's why choosing an instructor is a great idea. Before opting for an instructor, make sure they are licensed, as the slopes are full of fake instructors without certification who will put your life at risk. So [...]

Give yourself a restart on the slopes

Instructor ski snowboard Poiana Brasov: If you want to learn to ski and not forget everything immediately, you must devote at least a few hours to this activity. Romania may not have slopes like Austria or Italy, but the slopes in Romania are very good for beginners and advanced courses. One of these slopes is the [...]

Ski Poiana Brasov - Ski and snowboard lessons for your child


Skiing and snowboarding lessons for your child Ski Poiana Brasov: Winter has welcomed us this year, and we welcome it with open arms. Once we've got the boots ready for presents, we're also getting the ski equipment out of the cupboard because winter sports season is finally here. Poiana Brasov is [...]

Celebrating the passing of another RAFTING season

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Rafting in autumn colours The alarm clock makes its presence known. I wave to greet the sun, but no sign of it. Ready to go, we are excited about how the day is going to turn out. Once we reached Wolf Valley, autumn no longer smelled strongly of summer. We brought the rain with us. With a few shy rays of sunshine thrown through the [...]

We don't like the comfort zone

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  Are you in your comfort zone? Bleach, get rid of it fast! We like to call it One life. Live it. It's our most cherished value that we live by on our tours. That's why our tours don't come from dusty commercial catalogues, they come from the heart and the desire to [...]

Rafting Buzau river: To raft or not to raft

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Rafting Buzau river: We receive many questions about rafting every day, by phone, by email, on the official website, on the facebook page. Therefore, today we decided to answer some of them. The moment you search on Google using the word "Rafting" you will surely see many images of inflatable boats on the river, huge waves, [...]