Bulgaria Ski Camp. Alpine, touring, off-piste. 20-24 January 2022

This shift is never the same! In January 2022 we're going to Rila for the eighth time in winter. We poke our noses curiously into deep Bulgaria, beyond the famous Bansko and Borovets, where the chairlift still gives you the jitters whether it starts or not in the morning but the adventure terrain for seal walkers is wonderful! [...]

Through the eyes of an adventurer

IMG 6361 rafting on buzau and external tours in romania or canyoning on Porumbacu

Sundays I don't usually get around town. I always make sure to occupy my weekend with various activities that energize me and remind me how cool this life is and that I need a few more lifetimes to get a taste of it all. On Sunday I greeted the sun not too early and [...]