Instructor ski snowboard Poiana Brasov: If you want to learn to ski and not forget everything immediately, you must devote at least a few hours to this activity. Romania may not have slopes like Austria or Italy, but the slopes in Romania are very good for introductory and refresher courses. One of these slopes is the ski slope in Poiana Brasov. To learn the know-how of this sport, you need time, skill, motivation and an authorised instructor who will explain all the rules in your own words. Starting to explore the sport with an instructor is much better and more effective than doing it on your own. As well as being able to advise you on your choice of equipment, this person can closely observe your progress and correct any mistakes early on.

Instructor ski snowboard Poiana Brasov - Initiation & improvement courses

So why learn to ski or snowboard?

In the cold season, it's good to have an activity that keeps you active and restores your health and vitality. Skiing is one such activity. Anyone can learn to ski if they have a good instructor with them, from children to adults and grandparents. With this sport you will practice and strengthen your balance, immune system and flexibility. Not to mention that when you ski you burn up to 1000 calories. 🙂

Have you ever noticed on the trail that everyone is wearing a wide smile, especially when you reach the end of the trail? Have you wondered why? Skiing makes you happier. Partly because the moment you reach the end of the slope you are overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment and contentment that you have succeeded in doing what you set out to do. On the other hand, the thrill of the trail brings with it a mix of adrenaline and endorphins.

Skiing takes you through dream landscapes. We don't think there's a resort that isn't surrounded by unique scenery. It's truly wonderful to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy looking at snow-filled peaks, images and colours, grand shapes cut out of nature. And above all, a holiday in the mountains never hurts. So if skiing or snowboarding is on your Wish List, we are waiting for you in Poiana Brasov with lessons designed to teach and improve skiing, tailored to the needs of each tourist.

See you on the slopes!

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