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Frequently Asked Questions Rafting

You change in civilised changing rooms, not by the river. You have clean toilets and hot showers at the end of your shift.

You don't go home sweaty and smelling of rubber!

Park your car safely. You can store valuables at reception (papers, money, etc). We'll drive you from the hostel to the river!

You'll be hungry after your shift! The restaurant and bar await you with a la carte international menus.

You can camp right at our Arca Rafting Camp.

You can check in the night before or after to enjoy the whole weekend. The area really is worth it!

We suggest trails and activities or we walk them together.

Pension Valea Lupului is a stone's throw away for those who want room accommodation and is part of a large social programme dedicated to homeless children in the area. The money spent in the hostel goes where it is really needed!

During the 2017 season the operator with the shortest tour offered 5.3 km/150 lei, 12.9 km/200 lei and all others 8.2 km/200 lei or over 200 lei. Distances are measured by GPS and have deviation of maximum 1%.

Screenshot 4 rafting on buzau and external tours in romania or canyoning on Porumbacu

Rafting on the most spectacular section of the Buzau River requires a working hydropower plant.

Its schedule is dictated by factors we cannot influence - energy market auctions, consumption in the national energy system, etc.

Every evening, the National Energy Dispatching Centre decides the hydropower plant's operating schedule for the following day.

So neither we, nor any other rafting operator, nor even Pope Benedict can give you a firm rafting schedule, earlier than the evening of the day before the tour. And even then with the 100% safety title.

Except on days with high water due to rain or snowmelt when we don't depend on the hydropower plant and we are happy!

Statistically speaking, however, except during very dry periods, the hydropower station's schedule is consistent enough to raft in good conditions.

Please note that there is also a small possibility of complete cancellation of the tour for the above reasons.

Anyone with a little curiosity and a spirit of adventure can take part in a rafting trip.

Like any adventure sport, rafting also presents risks, which we control by using appropriate equipment under the guidance of experienced guides.

The most common incident is the fall of one or more rafters from the boat, which leaves a good swim and a lot of good cheer afterwards.

You may drink water, bump yourself lightly or get sunburned. A bit like the beach, let's say 🙂

Guides are trained to deal with specific incidents - swimming, boat capsizes, etc.

You will go through a mandatory safety briefing at the start of the lap.

Yes! For kids ages 5 to 8 we have rafting programs on the lake with pirate scenarios included! From 8 years old children can sign up for Family Rafting, with parents or without. On certain low flow days kids can also raft on the Daredevil. The boat guide will decide this. It is mandatory that all children know how to swim.

Bring a bathing suit, towel, shower gel and flip flops/sandals.

You get the rest of the equipment (wetsuit and neoprene booties, helmet, flotation vest) from us.

On very warm and sunny days you can raft in shorts, sandals/sneakers and a t-shirt over which you will wear a flotation vest and helmet - both are mandatory.

It's preferable. This gives you mental comfort in the boat and if you do end up in the water, better chances of getting away with just a shot of adrenaline. Let your boat guide know if you don't know how to swim and he'll recommend a suitable route. You'll also get a specific seat in the boat.

Not necessarily.

Each lap is preceded by a mandatory safety briefing. You will be informed about everything you need to know to enjoy your rafting trip safely.

If it's not your first ride, the experience will still be unique as no two rides are the same!

As rafting is a sporting activity it helps to have some exercise on board. This doesn't mean you have to be all fibre, but you should be prepared for 2-3 hours of intense but enjoyable activity, where moving in the desired direction depends solely on the people in the boat.

In other words, it is not compulsory. Rafting is a team sport in which the effort is shared between fellow boaters. You paddle as much as you can and enjoy it.

It's more fun to come with friends! If none of them are brave enough, come alone and join a group. There are groups every summer weekend without exception.

On the contrary! Neoprene isolates you from water, which can be contaminated with various germs (few rivers in Romania are clean and drinkable 100%). After each use the equipment is washed and disinfected with Dettol. There are people with increased skin sensitivity to whom we recommend wearing a T-shirt underneath. You can buy synthetic T-shirts in Decathlon, for example.

Would you get into a car with a driver without a licence? Who tells you that he's been driving for ages anyway and knows what he's doing?

Romanian legislation is vague and practically anyone can drive a tourist boat on inland rivers without any experience or qualification.

A day with little water and little risk poses no great safety problems.

Big waters with dynamic, life-threatening situations can provide magnificent memories or a borderline survival experience, depending on your boat guide.


Vlad 1 rafting on buzau and external tours from romania or canyoning on PorumbacuAccredited guide means that he has a minimum number of proven trips on the water, corresponding to the level of difficulty for which he is accredited and that he has completed a unique training system recognised in over 40 countries.

The licensing authority is the International Rafting Federation (IRF), which lists all its guides (including those in Romania) with valid licences, HERE.

Outdoor Events boasts a team of fully IRF-trained guides and the only Class IV guides (licensed for any difficult river in the world) in Romania.

Our qualifications are IRF Raft Guide, Trip Leader (Senior Raft Guide), Instructor (rafting guide trainer, the ONLY ONE IN ROMANIA) and/or Whitewater Rescue Technician.

We are continuously training new guides, you can sign up too!

NO. We are a "DRY" company, which means that alcohol is prohibited during rafting trips and in general during all adventure activities we do.

You are putting yourself and us in undue danger in undesirable situations. By internal regulation and international legislation the guide has the right to refuse boarding/participation to any person under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other substances that may affect their physical and mental capacities.

On Buzau 80% depends on the guide, 10% on the river, but the other 10% on you! On the Zambezi for example, it's the other way around 🙂

Twists and turns are part of the charm of rafting, but it's important that they happen in places without consequences.

It's best to tell us before you book. Some are incompatible with rafting, but many can be managed to get your adrenaline fix.

Yes, ask us for details by email.

Up to three months, yes. Later on we think you won't miss the adrenaline anyway.

The Buză has been rated by several International Rafting Federation instructors and is WW II-III, with a WW III+ passage (the famous "Washing Machine"). Bâsca Rozilei (a tributary of the Buză and on which we raft at high water) has been rated WW III.

Băsca Mare has WW III in the lower sector and WW IV in the upper sector. You can walk it with us at high water!

Leave all valuables in your personal car. If glasses with glass lenses are dangerous in the boat, it is preferable to leave them in the car.

You will change in our rafting base on the premises Valea Lupului guesthouse. Free hot showers, lockers and guarded parkingplus restaurant and rooms if you need them.

The tour ends in the immediate vicinity of the pension.

If we are on a river other than the Buzau, you will change in your personal cars or in the tent we provide. We drive you back to your cars after the rafting.

On external expeditions we often use civilised rafting bases.

Never, in 10 years of rafting with tourists or athletes, on rivers at home and abroad.

Your security is our number one priority. We take all necessary precautions on every tour and in turn are continuously preparing ourselves to deal with any incident.

Frequently Asked Questions Ski Snowboarding

From 3 years old skiing, from 8 years old snowboarding.
Please keep in mind that the initiation at a young age is done through play and the main objective is to create the child's enjoyment of snow, gliding and comfort on skis.
Performance comes later 🙂

We have 10 complete sets available, with foot sizes from 23.5 to 29.5.
All new, model 2019/2020.
They are available for rent in Postăvaru / Poiana Brasov.
For other destinations equipment can only be rented with a guide from us.
Find details here:

We have 10 complete sets available, with foot sizes from 23.5 to 29.5.
All new, model 2019/2020.
They are available for rent in Postăvaru / Poiana Brasov.
For other destinations equipment can only be rented with a guide from us.
Find details here:

We deliver daily in Poiana Brasov.
For special requests write to us via the CONTACT page.

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