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In the first decades of the 20th century northern Buzau had 119 oil wells and from here natural gas was extracted intensively. At the same time, no less than 3,000 hectares were dotted with oil wells extracting material transported through the Arbănași-Rm. Sărat.

Today the exploitation is not significant, but efforts are being made to restart natural gas extraction in the Beceni area, as Buzău has the second largest natural gas reservoir in the country after Mures County.

The oil fields of the last century went bankrupt one by one due to the poor quality of the shallow oil and some of the abandoned Belgian machinery was converted by the locals.

Massive shaft motors were connected to the millstone and served the surrounding villages for as long as the machine could be kept running.

There are only two viable ones left and the Geopark administration is working to put one in its subsequent, novel seed mill operation.

What are fire mills?
Răzvan Popa, president of the Buzau County Association about the refurbishment of the fire mill in Scorțoasa

I recommend a quick stop here (yep, we know, it's without the galleons 🙂 ) on your way to the famous Cloud Volcanoes!