Sundays I don't usually get around town. I always make sure to occupy my weekend with various activities that energize me and remind me how cool this life is and that I need a few more lifetimes to get a taste of it all.

On Sunday we greeted the sun not very early and set off. My eyelids were drooping lazily and I could barely keep my eyes open. The coffee hadn't yet melted my taste buds, but I was going to wake up slowly, at my own mellow pace. Sânziana had an incredible energy and started to tell me about the shift. As she told me the story, she smiled, as if she was telling me that I had no idea what to expect. With the whole gang together, the plan in place and all the equipment ready, we set off, because we were going to meet the tourists at the meeting point: Porumbacu de Jos.

DSC 0011 rafting on buzau and external tours in romania or canyoning on Porumbacu

Up to our destination we entertained the atmosphere with some heavy metal, hard rock and punk rock. Among jokes, stories and smiles, we didn't even realise how quickly the time passed and we arrived at our destination, where we started to meticulously prepare for the organisation, and the equipment arrangement and the preparation of the tourists, who were curious and excited, especially as it was scorching hot outside and they were ready for a swim. Everyone looked really fabulous in their canyoning gear and we even took a few photos so we had something to brag about afterwards, then we set off on our adventure. Arriving at the site, Vlad, one of the guides, gives a "Safety Talk" in English as most of the group were foreign tourists. Armed with iron patience, Vlad repeats each phrase carefully so that everyone understands what he has to do.

Let's start the adventure!

For some, the start was a little harder. The brave ones took the plunge and made the first jump, into the most spectacular canyon in southern Transylvania. The first jump was also the one that got our adrenaline going, feeling with all our stimuli and sensors what nature can offer. We jumped bravely, dived and repeated the move a few times to get the taste.

From that point on there were three to four hours of jumps, rappels and slides. Sânziana, Vlad, Horea and Ștefan took care of the tourists with patience, skill and smiles. We also enjoyed a warm rain during the trail, which kept us out of the rain for a good part of the time. With all the protective gear and guide training we all had a real adventure. You know, the kind of experience, that you're dying to share with someone.

The tour ended with a photo session, lots of smiles, and of course, cold watermelon waiting for us to enjoy.

What happens when passion meets energy, when motivation and the desire to offer unique experiences meets the love of nature and all it has to offer?

The result is this: a team of beautiful people! Well, but beautiful! Beautiful people who love what they do. And this love is reflected in the energy of every tour that Mares Outdoor Events organises!

Mel | Outdoor Enthusiast

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