3RiversExpedition, iunie 2024

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3RiversExpedition: Rafting in Bosnia, Plitvice Lakes, 3 Natural Parks, a UNESCO Site.

Plus un amestec de bucătărie bosniacă și 3 râuri magnifice! Și în 2024 venim cu noutăți garantate: Scuba Diving în râu de munte (!!!) – opțional, desigur – vizite la ruinele Yugoslavia's largest underground airport  and Tito's bunker. The latter are reminiscent of the troubled history of the Balkans. Which you'll also find linked with... Matthew Corvinus. But that's what we'll tell you there! River number one is called Vrbas. We know it well because we've been coming here since 2015 and...in fact it's the very place where you'll meet rapids like we can't find in Romania: with 3 m waves, clear and warm water! We spend quality time near the capital of Republika Srpska, Banja Luka and get you acquainted with the river, the atmosphere and... Bosnian cuisine.
Rafting Vrbas, Bosnia with Outdoor-Events.ro
The Krupa waterfalls and the traditional village of Ljubačke Doline will fill us afternoons with cool baths, visits to traditional mills where we will witness the baking of tasty UŠTIPCI from freshly ground flour! Then the adrenaline starts flowing; we move to the west of Bosnia and start with one of the most spectacular rivers of the Balkans, with an impressive lipidity and waterfalls so noisy that we "hear" each other only by signs :) The rafting starts as you can hardly imagine: we go around an 18 m waterfall and go down a more modest 5 m waterfall by boat :)
rafting a strbacki buk outdoor-events.ro
Rafting Una (Bosnia) with Outdoor-Events.ro
Although you wouldn't think so, yes, it's perfectly suitable for even the weakest of angels! Add to the adrenaline rush a mix of the beautiful and the unique that includes a half-day walk through Plitvice, Croatia's wonderland, Tito's underground airport and... a few surprises. Oh, let's not forget: the river we just fell in love with is called Una. An intermezzo of history and multi-religious culture separates us from the adrenaline rush of the third river. We take a stroll through Mostar, the 'treasure of the Balkans', a fairy-tale Muslim town with cobbled alleys, mosques and an arched bridge over the river that looks like something out of 'Prince of Persia', but is by no means within Europe's borders. After a visit to the small bazaar we guide you to another historical hotspot - the absolutely unique fortification from which Matthias Corvinus (yes, that one!) lost Hungary and opened the way for the Pasha in Central Europe.
rafting country muntenegru outdoor-events.ro
Mostar, Bosnia


River number 3 is called Neretva.
rafting country muntenegru outdoor-events.ro
Neretva, a dream river
22 km of wild tranquillity, a canyon to swim or walk through, an evening by the fire above the water and, of course, some adrenaline. As usual, we'll have superb hosts. Water and nature people, accomplished cooks, warm and clean beds, dreamy views at dinner time. The river is endlessly beautiful, the same turquoise snake snaking through dazzling limestone canyons, but with less difficulty than those already traversed. We travel it in raft boats and/or on SUP boards. You'll love it! WATCH THIS!  copyrighted to europerafting.com Ah, I forgot: on Neretva the boat guides... are you :) We end the expedition with an evening around the glasshouse in a place out of paradise. Then the road back home follows...  

Rafting guide team:

Every year the boats are run by us rafting guides Outdoor-Events.ro. We know the rivers by heart, we've been down them 15-25 times so far as guides and we don't compromise on your safety - even if you see rafters on the water without helmets, wetsuits or flotation vests, with us it's all compulsory. Moreover, with us you will not only be in good hands but also proud to be fully Romanian crews on the water!  

Accommodation, transport, organisation:

Evenings are spent in villas (2 nights), bungalows (2 nights), 4 star hotel (1 night), 3 star hotel (1 night) in double, triple and for two nights quadruple rooms (depending on availability we try to stay exclusively in double rooms). Showers and toilets available everywhere. We have hot showers and an absolutely delicious meal available for a fee at the end of the rafting trips. Our Bosnian friends are rafters and perfect hosts at the same time! Transport is by personal cars. We have 6 seats available in our minibus, at an additional cost of 90 euro per person. The programme is aimed at those in reasonable physical condition (if you can run or pedal for 15 min without fainting you are ok). It's preferable to know how to swim but it's not a prerequisite. The minimum age is 8 years old. You don't need rafting or adventure sports experience. You do not need a visa, we only travel with your ID card. Travel insurance is compulsory. * Depending on weather conditions and water flows the structure of the programme per day may change.   Reservations: There are 16 places available, to be filled in the order of the deposit of 100 euros per person or full payment.    
Activity Level


No. Max Group


Activity Time

8 Days

What you included

  • Accommodation with breakfast in double or triple rooms
  • Tourist and rafting guide
  • Full rafting equipment
  • Local transfers
  • Access fee to Strbacki Nature Park
  • Official expedition T-shirt

What you didn't include

  • Meals other than breakfast
  • Souvenirs
  • Entrance fees to tourist attractions (Tito bunker, Plitvice)
  • Transport from the country and back


Alternam cazarile in functie de destinatii, urmarind sa va oferim confortul maxim la distanta minima de locurile de interes:

  • doua nopti in camere duble de hotel cu baie proprie
  • doua nopti in bungalows cu patru sau sase paturi si baie proprie (o sa va placa!)
  • doua nopti in camere duble sau triple de pensiune, cu baie pe palier
  • o noapte in camere duble de hotel, cu aer conditionat

Accommodation is in bungalows or cabins, on the riverside, in rafting bases run by our local friends.


Frequent Questions

  • Do I need to have rafting experience for 3RiversExpedition? Is it dangerous?


    It's adventure, it's adrenaline, but it's also safety.

    We've already guided rivers on over 20 expeditions and know what can and can't put you at risk.

    You are in good hands.

  • Do I have to know how to swim?

    It's preferable.

    If you don't know how to swim let us know in advance and we'll ask for more details.

    Chances are you'll be able to come anyway!

(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for 3RiversExpedition, iunie 2024

  1. Emilian -

    Three fantastic rivers!!! Thanks Mihai, Stefan and Bogdan for the fun!!! It is unforgettable.

  2. Ioana (verified owner) -

    A wonderful, intense experience with lots of activities and nice surprises. To be repeated.

  3. Veronica -

    An unforgettable experience, 3 unique rivers, one more challenging than the other, but all with a wow effect that leaves a lasting smile!

  4. Anca Vicoleanu (verified owner) -

    I went in 2010 and I came back in 2021. Lots of activities and beautiful places, and the rafting was super cool.

  5. Albert Flegheru -

    I was with them on tour in 2022. As with other tours, there was no shortage of adrenaline and the element of 'wow'.
    The first evening we had dinner in one of the most unique formats I have ever attended. I won't give details as I don't give "spoilers" to other potential attendees, but it was wow.
    Rafting we did on the Una River, where we crossed one of the largest waterfalls I've had the opportunity to cross. Unfortunately we didn't have time to Scuba in the river but we managed to get to Tito's bunker.
    Neretva was the second river I sailed (and the most beautiful, in my opinion). We spent good hours in and out of the boat, taking breaks to admire the beauty of the scenery and enjoy jumping in the water.
    Vrbas was the third river, where we had the opportunity to do several interesting sectors, some where the world championship was held.
    Other highlights:
    - Mostar - a city out of the movies.
    - Plitvice - we managed to spend a day exploring Plitvice National Park in Croatia;
    - Meals - I don't recommend the tour to dieters or curators. Or take a "cheat week" because you won't be able to refrain from the meals provided by the Bosnians. Or if you do manage to abstain, you have no idea what you're missing. 🙂
    Mihai, Bogdan and Stefan were our guides. Needless to say, they entertained us and told us so many stories, just like on other tours.
    Conclusion: Gogogo. 🙂

    • Mares Mihail -

      Iuhuu, thanks for the impressions, Albert!

      Ah, thanks also for not spoliated wow - the dinner in question :))

  6. Victoria -

    Soooo, let me tell you... 🙂 This season, I was lucky enough to go on an extraordinary #3riversexpedition holiday with our dear #MihaiMareș... Mihai MARE, as I like to call him!
    Rafting trips, external rafting are unforgettable experiences!...

    04:00am, everyone present, everyone in the mood for adventure, we boarded a new Ford Transit, with a driver of note 10 #BogdanPrundes , together with #MihaiMares, always attentive to our comfort: AC (according to everyone's needs), stops, stories, answers to all questions.
    The #MaresOutdoorEvents team provided us with the best accommodation (comfort, view, hosts), the best dining places (comfort, view, food, flavours, hosts).... but, none of this compares to the spectacular rafting trips on the 3 rivers: Vrbas, Neredva, Una (each one more beautiful)... adrenaline, joy, friends, memories, but most importantly we felt safe all the time.
    Sometimes words cannot do justice to these details, but we have pictures and videos, so that our grandchildren can understand the beauty of holidays with #MihaiMares, who is so passionate about his work.

    What a great tour, we came back after 8 days with a great experience in the company of this team, who are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, it's a pleasure to go on the road with #MaresOutdoorEvents ❤️
    In fact, all experiences with #MaresOutdoorEvents are unforgettable!
    I highly recommend it with great pleasure and confidence to all those looking for exciting and unforgettable holidays!
    Thank you Michael, for everything! ❤️

  7. Bogdan Gribincea (verified owner) -

    One of the most professional guides in the country. And it always leaves with fun.

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