Mountaineering in Rasnoavei Gorge


About Mountaineering in Rasnoavei Gorge

We invite you to climb in the Rasnoavei Gorge!

We "conquer" the General's Ridge, the most popular and accessible mountaineering route in the Rasnoavei Gorge. We put quotation marks because conquering is not about mountains but about other more warlike activities; we are about healthy and adventurous movement.

Here are pictures from a previous tour, via ferrata included:

We learn to walk several lengths of rope in adventure terrain, on the 200m of the Ridge, safely and with many, many stops for great photos of the Rasnoava Gorge.

Missed the mountains, walls and ridges?

Let's climb together in the Rasnoavei Gorge!

The program is for advanced and beginners; we do separate teams of maximum 3 people.

The route, rated 3B in the Romanian alpine grading is one of the most popular, all beginner teams are delighted to cover the 5 rope lengths (less if two lengths are linked). We will also get acquainted with the regroupings, the wall signals specific to a climbing team and the dizzying heights of the gorge.

Until the route we will take smaller steps: we check the equipment and basic techniques and then climb with belay from above. The route will be just the crowning glory of a successful day of climbing!

Equipment required:

  • climbing shoes if you have them; bring hiking boots if you don't have shoes

  • small backpack, 10-15 L

  • 1 L water jug

You receive from us the rest of the specific equipment (harness, helmet, ropes, carabiners, etc.).

Meeting point: 10.00 am, in the gorge, at the board shelter, on the ridge.

Level: moderate

Maximum number of participants: 2 per AGMR mountain guide

Price: 240 lei per day.

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