Georgia Road Trip, octombrie 2024

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Georgia Road Trip: Wine tasting, Canyoning, 1000 year old fortresses, white water rafting, underground cities and landscapes straight out of Game of Thrones.
Haven't heard much about Georgia?
Here's a bit of trivia:
- Although flirting with the EU, Georgia sits geographically in Southwest Asia
- It covers 69700 sq km, about the size of Muntenia and Moldova combined
- Maximum altitudes exceed 5000 m
- The climate varies from alpine on the Caucasus ridges to subtropical in the Rioni Valley
- It's the home of wine, with over 3000 years of uninterrupted winemaking
- The Georgian language in its current form has been spoken since the 5th century and is among the last 10 oldest languages spoken in the world
- The Georgian alphabet dates back to the 3rd century and comes from the Aramaic script, the origin of the Hebrew, Arabic and Turkish languages
- The most unusual Georgian mammal is the extremely rare Persian leopard
- Georgian hospitality involves a ceremonial toast at the table, which the locals take very seriously
- Although driving on the right-hand side, traffic is overloaded with right-hand drive cars
- It drives in oriental style, very vocal, loose and fast

Georgia Road Trip / program details

Our tour starts in the country's capital and heads north in search of the crazy autumn colours in the Caucasus Mountains.
We gradually gain altitude by visiting the heart of Georgia, the Mtskheta monastery where the oldest kings of Georgia sleep.
We stop in the fortress of Ananuri for a look at the expanse of Lake Zhinvali and then take the slopes of the Caucasus under the wheels of the cars.
We swim in a certain place, from which at a certain time :) the sun will bathe the mountain of Prometheus in a very special light... now that's a place to enjoy your morning coffee!
Kazbek Peak is 5046 m high and towers over us with 3000 of them.
And yes, it is considered the mountain that Zeus chained Prometheus to so that the vultures could tear his heart out!
We are in the land of the Golden Fleece, of Jason's Argonauts and of the footsteps of Darius, Alexander the Great and many other famous conquerors...
The next stop is conditional on crossing the Datvisjvari mountain pass at 2900 m.
In 2021 there huge eagles were trying to hunt the calves of a passing herd of cows before our eyes!
Time has long stood still in the valleys of the Caucasus, so we spend two days close to the Chechen border, exploring the stunning Shatili and Mutso fortifications, surprisingly unaffected by the centuries that have passed over them...
The tour continues with a rafting trip on one of Georgia's raging rivers, a canyoning tour and, of course, an overnight stay in another fairytale spot, opposite the enormous underground city of Vardzia

Transport, accommodation, organisational details

We fly Otopeni - Tbilisi and back, probably with a longer stopover in Istanbul (if possible we visit Sultanahmet with the Cistern, the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia).
Toate cazările și locurile alese pentru masă din Georgia Road Trip țin cont de peisaj, obiective și inedit, așa încât opțiunile nu sunt întotdeauna diversificate.
We strive to have impeccable conditions every time.
Turul se desfășoară cu mașini închiriate și uneori cu ghid local.
You are NOT required or allowed to drive.

Georgia Road Trip: did I make you curious/curious?

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Oh and if you are already attracted by Georgia, our destination of choice, and want to see it in winter, please come in. HERE!
Activity Level


No. Max Group


Activity Time

8 days

What you included

  • tour guiding, mountain guiding, rafting and canyoning guiding
  • all accommodation in boarding house, hotel, at the organiser's choice. Upgrade available in most locations
  • car/ 4x4 car hire, driving and fuel for the entire period required in Georgia
  • one day rafting (18-25 km)
  • a day of canyoning

What you didn't include

  • air tickets (130-220 euros per person)
  • food and drink
  • entrance fees to tourist attractions


  • double rooms with bathroom in most locations
  • single supplement available in most locations, with the difference in price to be paid by the applicant
  • one night in the Shatili fortification, in unique conditions (stone/wood rooms with bathroom in the hall, hot water and toilets available)
  • one night in a 4* hotel
(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Georgia Road Trip, octombrie 2024

  1. Cristi -

    A very nice trip to discover a less known country.

  2. Dana -

    O călătorie minunată, autentică. O experiență culinară de vis!
    O tură de toamnă ce trebuie încercată! Organizare ca la carte! Madloba! 😉

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