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About Rafting Buzău - Adventure and Fun


Rafting Buzau : pPerfect for adventurous groups of friends, families with children or office colleagues.

3 hours | no experience needed | 7-77 years | full equipment

We are the only rafting operator (and the oldest, here for 15 years!) offering civilized conditions since 2013.

With us you DON'T change your clothes on the waterfront in the bushes!

All guides are internationally certified and the equipment is of high quality.

Our logbook boasts zero accidents since 2008 on 52 rivers worldwide.

After rafting on Buzău we invite you to an electric mountain biking tour, if you want!

It can be an easy one with superb viewpoints or a technical and challenging one with steep ascents and descents. See details HERE!


Rafting Buzau with us looks like this:

💦 you park at 09:00 at our place at Arca Rafting Camp

💦 you get kitted up in the changing rooms and leave the car safely

💦 we take you to the water with our minibuses

💦 we stay on the water 2.5/3 hours, 13 km guaranteed

💦 we finish the tour right by Arca Rafting Camp

💦 showers, changing rooms, toilets and restaurant available

Rafting Buzau is perfect for families!

Our guides have long experience with children and know how to make their tours safe and fun.

The guides are Romanians, they understand your jokes and take them cheerfully!

They are also athletes who represents the country at Rafting Cups, European and World Championships since 2012 (meet them HERE).

Children aged 7 to 15 pay 30 lei less (not applicable for the 1 December campaign).

Adrenaline is never missing!

Rafting Buzau is an adventure activity that involves descending a swollen river in inflatable boats for 4 to 10 people.

Rafting Buzau means almost three hours of breaking waves, going around rocks and islands, surfing and eventually swimming, voluntarily or... not!

Our guides have each made dozens or hundreds of descents on the Buzău and on rivers on several continents, and they are also trained to take families with children on boats.

The most intense sector is the one we called 15 years ago "The Washing Machine" which gets everyone's adrenaline pumping for a good few minutes!

For more information we recommend you to browse questions & answers section. 

PHOTOGRAPHS at Buzau rafting: tinyurl.com/poze-rafting 

Important note: Buzau rafting depends directly on the schedule of the Nehoiașu hydroelectric plant and this can fluctuate significantly during the summer, from postponements to complete cancellation.

In this situation, which is not pleasant and rarely possible, you will get a full refund.

Activity Level


No. Max Group


Activity Time

3 hours

What you included

  • Showers, toilets, changing rooms, guarded parking.
  • Car transfer between the rafting base and the Buzău river.
  • Complete rafting equipment.
  • Internationally certified guides.
  • Drinking water in rafting boats.
  • Peaceful parking.

What you didn't include

  • Photo package. Can be purchased separately for 200 lei/pack (contains all the material photographed on the tour from the shore). The cost can be shared between participants in the same boat.
  • Restaurant and accommodation. Both are available in the Valea Lupului guesthouse, 0238500300.


For camping under the moonlight and a barbecue at dusk we invite you right to our home at Arca Rafting Camp!

The campsite and terrace are in full development and camping is free for now, with free access to showers, toilets and barbecue.


For accommodation in comfortable beds Pension Valea Lupului offers you 24 places in double, matrimonial or twin rooms, 400 m away from us.

The price is 180 lei/double room and includes breakfast for two people.

The guesthouse that has been a partner of our rafting base since 2013 offers adjacent sauna and massage services as well as the best restaurant in the area.

Frequent Questions

Don't compare us to others. Compare us to the standard of comfort you want!
Especially since it doesn't cost you anything extra, on the contrary!
It's not normal to dress in neoprene by the river, nor to go home sweaty and smelling of rubber.
You change in civilized locker rooms, separated by gender. You have hot showers at the end of your shift.
Park your car safely. You can store valuables at reception (papers, money, etc).
You'll be hungry after your shift! The restaurant awaits you with a la carte international menus.
You can stay the night before or after to enjoy the whole weekend. The area really is worth it! We can suggest trails and activities or we can walk them together.
The Swiss guesthouse that hosts the rafting base is part of a large social programme dedicated to homeless children in the area. The money spent in the hostel goes where it is really needed!

It is not advisable to have only one boat on the water for safety reasons. We try to put a minimum of two boats, or one boat and one support kayak on the water each time.
Yes, every boat has a guide. You don't need experience to come rafting!

There are big differences between rafting operators!
The operators offer tours between 5.3 and 9 km at prices of 150-250 lei, Outdoor-Events.ro 12.9 km/210 lei (180 lei during the discount period).

Rafting on the most spectacular section of the Buzau River requires a working hydropower plant.
Its schedule is dictated by factors we cannot influence - priorities in the energy market, consumption in the national energy system, etc.
Every evening the National Energy Dispatch decides on the next day's operating schedule, which is why neither we, nor any other rafting operator, nor even Pope Benedict can give you a firm rafting schedule until the evening of the day before the trip. And even then with 100% as a safety title.
Except on days with high water due to rain or snowmelt when we don't depend on the hydropower plant and we are happy!
Statistically speaking, however, except during very dry periods, the hydropower station's schedule is consistent enough to raft in good conditions.
Please note that there is also a small possibility of complete cancellation of the tour for the above reasons.

We are a "DRY" company, which means that alcohol is prohibited during rafting trips and in general during all adventure activities we do.
You are putting yourself and us in undue danger in undesirable situations. By internal regulation and international legislation the rafting guide has the right to refuse boarding to any person under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other substances that may affect their physical and mental capacities.

It's preferable. This gives you mental comfort in the boat and if you do end up in the water, better chances of getting away with just a shot of adrenaline. Let your boat guide know if you don't know how to swim and he'll recommend a suitable route. You'll also get a specific seat in the boat.

It is not mandatory. Rafting is a team sport in which the effort is shared between fellow boaters. You'll paddle for as long as you can and enjoy it.

Yes! It's an adventure sport where you may swim in the current, get scratched, hit rocks or drink water. There are also lethal risks on dangerous sections of river. Make sure you're in a boat with guides who know the river well and have proper certifications. Also, unsuitable boats (too unstable or too small/small for certain flows) can turn a spectacular route into an unpleasant or very dangerous experience.

Depends 80% on the guide, 10% on the river, but the other 10% on you! Turns are part of the charm of rafting, but it's important that they happen in places with no follow-through.
On Buzau they are rare.

For the first experience, 1.5-3 hours is absolutely sufficient as more is tiring.
You can come with us on water marathons such as the 5-6 hour Nerei Gorges, the Bâsca-Buzău complex (up to 8 hours) or 3-day expeditions on the Tara River in Montenegro, but this requires a different, more relaxed approach.

It's best to tell us before you book. Some are incompatible with rafting, but many can be managed to get your adrenaline fix.

Yes, ask us for details on the contact page.

Yes, with special precautions (let us know in advance!).

It's a sport also suitable for children, for which we take special precautions: children have equipment appropriate to their size, are given special seats in the boat and bypass the Washing Machine on shore.

Even in the summer months the water is 15-18 degrees.
Bathing suit is mandatory underneath the neoprene suit. On very hot summer days you can bring shorts, Bermuda shorts or shorts and a long-sleeved lycra T-shirt. Avoid cotton, it keeps you cool. We'll fit you with neoprene boots, especially on cool days.
We suggest wearing neoprene suits in summer as well because they offer mechanical (scratches, bumps), thermal and bacteriological protection.

On the contrary! Neoprene isolates you from water, which can be contaminated with various germs (few rivers in Romania are clean and drinkable 100%). After each use the equipment is washed and disinfected with chloramine (the solution that is also used on open wounds). There are people with increased skin sensitivity to whom we recommend a lycra T-shirt worn underneath. You can buy lycra T-shirts from Decathlon, for example.

Just swimsuit, flip flops, a towel, shampoo and sun cream.

Leave all valuables in your personal car. If glasses with glass lenses are dangerous in the boat, it is preferable to leave them in the car as well. Ask us for details on the spot.

You will change in our rafting base in the Valea Lupului guesthouse. Benefit from hot showers and changing rooms, guarded parking, restaurant and rooms if you need them. The tour ends in the immediate vicinity of the pension. Your cars remain in the hostel's car park, under guard.

It's more fun to come with friends! If none of them are brave enough, come alone and join a group. There are groups every summer weekend without exception.

Would you get into a car with a driver without a licence?
Romanian legislation is vague and practically anyone can drive a tourist boat on inland rivers without any experience or qualification.
The risks, like the choice, are yours!
Ask for ID cards of those you are taking on risky adventures!
Accredited guide means that he/she has a minimum number of proven trips on the water, corresponding to the level of difficulty for which he/she is accredited and that he/she has completed a unique training system recognised in over 40 countries.
The certifying authority is the International Rafting Federation (IRF), which lists all its guides (including those in Romania) with valid licenses HERE.
All Mares Outdoor Events guides are accredited by the IRF as either Raft Guide, Trip Leader (Senior Raft Guide) or Instructor and/or Whitewater Rescue Technician. We are continuously training new guides, you can sign up too!

The Buză has been rated by several International Rafting Federation instructors and is WW II-III, with a WW III+ passage (the famous "Washing Machine").
Bâsca Rozilei (a tributary of the Buză river on which we raft at high water) was rated WW III in the lower sector and WW III+ - IV in the upper sector (Bâsca Mare).

Your security is our number one priority. We take the necessary precautions on every tour and in turn we are continuously preparing ourselves to deal with any incident.

Common incidents on the Buzau include falls from boats, swimming and unexpected encounters with rocks in the river; rarely bruises, scratches or superficial cuts.

  • The mask is mandatory during briefing, transport to the water, equipping and de-equipping. On the water we do not use masks, they are collected on boarding
  • we use sanitised and disinfected means of transport (19-seater minibuses) with reduced load or train for large groups
  • disinfectants are available in the changing rooms, showers and restaurant
  • if on arrival at the rafting base your body temperature exceeds 37 degrees we will isolate you from the group and stop your activities
(17 customer reviews)

17 reviews for Rafting Buzău – Aventură și Distracție

  1. Catalin Ene -

    We went boating on the Buzău and I can say it was an exceptional little weekend adventure! Something different involving teamwork and physical activity! It was a lot of fun! Thank you Outdoor-Events!

  2. Katja -

    It was a great trip. We can really recommend it. Not just a boat ride but lots of rapids and activity. We really enjoyed it

  3. Adina (verified owner) -

    It was a very nice experience, the guides are really professional and you feel safe all the time. Bonus- we saw deer on the shore and plenty of wild ducks. The boys (8 years old) were extremely excited. The trail takes approx 3-3.5 hours, doesn't require any special fitness, but you get a bit tired afterwards. Highly recommend!

    • Ene Catalin (verified owner) -

      Thanks for your appreciation, Adina!



  5. Gabriela (verified owner) -

    Wow! the feeling is great! I recommend and will definitely repeat the adventure!
    Thanks to the guide Stefan!

  6. adrian (verified owner) -

    together with a friend and mihai (the guide) i did the rafting. it was super fun activity!
    mihai is very knowledgeable and we also had some nice talking by a beer.
    thanks and maybe cu again for some other activity!

  7. Claudia Tun (verified owner) -

    Quite an adventure. I was pleasantly surprised to meet a community, although some may have met for the first time.
    We slept in the camp and in the evening we enjoyed Michael's stories...
    On the water, we were surprised to have a "kid as a guide", in my opinion the best, who interacted with us in an original way. seasoned with adrenaline, joy, relaxation and a lot of fun!
    Mersic Stefan!

  8. Traian -

    I will leave four stars because it was a nice experience on the river . Friendly staff. Worth every penny.

  9. Paraschiv Laurentiu (Rocko) (verified owner) -

    Everything superlative! Thank you Autdoor Avents.

  10. Radu (verified owner) -

    Super experience, a very nice outing. An activity that I will recommend at work for team building.

  11. Gabi Puia -

    Very nice. A professional team and great fun. We'll most likely be back and hope to catch a higher water flow.

  12. Andreea (verified owner) -

    It was a great experience for the whole family which I highly recommend to everyone, we had a wonderful time and will definitely be back. Thanks for everything Sânziana!!!!

    • Mares Mihail (verified owner) -

      Thank you very much, Andreea!

  13. Vasile Daniela (verified owner) -

    Great experience! We was together with a friends and mihai (the guide) i did the rafting. it was super fun activity!
    mihai is very knowledgeable. Everything it was safe and profi. Thank you!

  14. adina -

    Super experience! Very well organized. Even the kids are safe. Guide Ionut was super guide! Thanks a lot!

    • Mares Mihail (verified owner) -

      Thank you very much and us, Adina!

  15. Alina Mihaila (verified owner) -

    A unique experience, which I never thought I would live, especially due to fear.Anyone can participate, provided you want to overcome your fears and execute the commands taught by the specialized staff. The guides are wonderful, you just have to follow what they tell you responsibly. The landscapes are unique, at every turn, the sensations are full of adrenaline. We will surely come back with great anticipation, in a much larger group.

    • Mares Mihail (verified owner) -

      Thank you so much, Alina, you guys were so cool!

    • Mares Mihail (verified owner) -

      Thank you, ALina!

  16. Madi Cristea -

    A unique experience, super trained guides, maximum safety (you have to apply what you are told all along the route). Adrenaline to the max, with good spirits and relaxation, with our guide Silviu. Thank you!!

    • Mares Mihail (verified owner) -

      Thank you very much, Madi!

  17. Aurora (verified owner) -

    A very nice experience!! Adrenaline, good times and fun at maxim!!!! Our guide Horea told us about canyoning and we will try it!!! Thank you Horea for your guidance, experience and congratulations to you as a man!!!!

    • Mares Mihail (verified owner) -

      Thank you, Aurora!

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