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About Poiana Brasov Family Ski - Family Ski

Ski family Poiana Brasov: Definitely come on holiday with the whole family.

So why not do ski courses in Poiana Brasov in the same formation?

Instead of paying for separate ski hours for each member of your family, we invite you to a few hours of skiing. Fun and enjoyment with your family. With the package Family Ski you'll really feel like you're on holiday, from grandparents to grandchildren!


Ski family Poiana Brasov - Ski courses for the whole family

We will choose the programme according to the skiing level of the family.

We carefully make sure to thank each and every one of you. We'll be doing plow turns for the little ones, but... which advanced parents will also do, with some fun restrictions.

We will also do long descents where beginners "travel" between the instructor's skis.

We assure you that you will spend the whole day with your family, enjoying the snow and skiing. We take photos too, of course!

The programme is generally aimed at a family of four, in any configuration (two adults plus two children, one adult plus three children, etc.), and can be extended on request for larger groups.

For other ski & snowboard lessons please check the programme Mareș Outdoor Events Ski School! :-) 


Step 1. Select duration, number of adults, number of children for an introductory lesson. We recommend selecting 2 hours, as this will be enough to make visible technical progress without physically exhausting yourself. In one hour it is quite difficult to assimilate all the techniques and knowledge.

Step 2. Select the day you would like to come to the lesson.

Step 3. Select the time/time slot you want to arrive from.

Step 4. Press the CHECK AVAILABILITY button to check time and day availability.

Step 5. Fill in the form with your personal details and submit your order. Someone from the office will contact you to confirm/confirm the availability of your chosen programme.

Or simply call us directly on 0724 447 211!

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