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Ski VIP 101 on Volkl skis model 2021-2022

150,00 lei

About Ski VIP 101 on Volkl skis model 2021-2022

Ski VIP 101 in Poiana Brasov is the perfect alternative for those who want quality without compromise!

❄️ Are you a medium-advanced skier looking to refine your technique on the latest models? ❄️ Want to buy new skis and help you make an informed and tested choice? ❄️ Want to make sure you ski with an experienced instructor?  

We have the right Ski VIP package for you.

Rent from the Volkl / Blizzard rental center in Poiana Brasov the latest generation models, you can find them in the building of the Expres cable car in Poiana Brasov. Book your hour or hours with us here. We recommend that you make both your reservation and rental as early as possible, so you can catch your favourite model! You will ski with Mihai Mareș, category I instructor since 1997 on race or Top VIP 2021 models (Volkl Racetiger SL, SL FIS, GS, SC, SC Carbon, Blizzard Firebird, Brahma, etc ). You will get both information about what your chosen ski can do and... what you can do with it, in a technique workshop or simply in a few hours of skiing with serious commitment. Ski VIP hours are exclusively one-on-one and are aimed at skiers with at least an intermediate level who can do controlled descents on red (medium) or black (difficult) slopes. The workshop is tailored to both your physical condition and your expectations; keep in mind that you are still on holiday, not in camp :) Contact the Centre for Gyms here:
0746 150 100
Talk directly to Michael here: 0722 415 407 Find HERE more ski packages for you and your family! Volkl / Blizzard ski offers you find HERE. Are you coming with us to an exotic Ski Camp? We go to IRAN, GEORGIA and in TURKEY this winter! We're waiting for you in the snow!



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