Holiday Iceland - Geysers, volcanoes, glaciers: March 2023

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About Iceland Holiday - Geysers, volcanoes, glaciers: March 2023

Iceland holiday: we're getting ready for our eighth immersion in the fantastic world of the High North!

holiday iceland
Nowhere else in the world does such a small patch of land concentrate so much surreal landscape.
From active volcanoes to glaciers you can touch with your hand; from the white of snow to the green of grass to the black of sand at Reynisfjara; from the icy water of the raging North Atlantic to the 100-degree water boiling at your feet in the geothermal springs of Reykjadalur; from the noisy waterfalls of tens or hundreds of cubic metres per second to the calm of the ultra-clear, tectonic cracks of Thingvellir - all of which transport you to a world far removed from the one you're used to.
Reynisfjara, Iceland,
The chances of the mysterious Aurora Borealis revealing itself to us are also at their highest in March; it has not missed any of the previous seven tours and we sincerely hope it will be with us this time.
Photos from our previous visits can be found HERE, HERE, HERE.

We again plan to drive the famous Ring Road - 1400 km along the coast of Iceland in 8+1 minibuses or 4×4 cars.

Over time, we have woven a daily schedule that keeps your eyes out all the time and every hour of the walk has at least one "wow moment" - encounters with seals, reindeer and even a whale watching tour, waterfalls or lava tunnels, forays into the island's Viking history, black sand beaches and basalt columns or unique encounters with locals.
Akureyri, holiday Iceland

Each day of the tour involves travelling between different towns, so we spend several hours in the cars.

We check in every night in another city/hotel.

The tour is not physically difficult, it is physically suitable for everyone. Minors are welcome, our youngest adventurer was with us at age 7 :)
All of the sights are within a 15-minute drive.
That's not to say they're unattractive or overcrowded; we make sure we're in the right places at the right times, and besides, it's outside the summer season when Iceland is choked with tourists.
We visit waterfalls, lagoons with icebergs, fantastically shaped rocks, bays with seals and maybe porpoises or even whales, we visit harbours and ocean fishing boats or lobster and lobster fishing boats.
And, of course, we end the tour with a dip at the famous Blue Lagoon!
We invite you to request the daily programme, the sights to visit, the list of optional activities and the rest of the logistical details by email from

Activity Level


No. Max Group


Activity Time

8 days

What you included

  • guidance and permanent assistance
  • seat in rented car, driver and fuel included
  • all accommodation on the tour, in locations chosen by the organiser
  • booking services for optional activities
  • an entrance ticket to the Blue Lagoon within the time allowed by the tour schedule

What you didn't include

  • air ticket
  • tickets to tourist attractions other than Blue Lagoon
  • tickets for optional activities (whale watching, amphibious car rides on the lagoon, ice cave explorations, glacier hikes)
  • meals of any kind


Accommodation is in double, triple or quadruple rooms, depending on the group structure/preferences and local availability.
We aim to get places in double rooms with en-suite bathrooms (although the Icelandic standard requires bathrooms in the hallway) and where this is not possible we let you know in advance.
All accommodation is clean and comfortable.

The usual level of comfort is the equivalent of 3 stars / 3 daisies.

For special requests there are upgrade options in certain areas, with the full cost of the newly chosen location borne by the applicant.

Frequent Questions

Iceland has a maritime climate and the winters are milder than you'd expect!
Temperatures can range from -5 to +10 degrees, with an average of 2-4 degrees.

The wind is present, but it is possible that snow will only be a joy along the east and north coasts of the island.

We have 12 hours of daylight (the sun rises at 8am and sets at approximately 8pm) so plenty of time to explore!

Thick hiking clothes and rainproof.

Thick, waterproof boots.

Cap and gloves, thick socks, mountain boots or as warm as possible.

You will receive an extensive list of recommendations when booking.

No, you are not obliged or allowed to drive during the tour.
Our drivers do this because road conditions are changeable and driving can sometimes be challenging.

holiday iceland

Bear in mind, even as a passenger, that you will have to drive after dark sometimes to be able to spend more time on things that deserve longer breaks.
No, we won't miss the sights!

You can travel to Iceland with your ID card or your passport, both of which must be valid for at least three months after your return to the country.

PLEASE NOTE that any stopovers in the UK can ONLY be made with a passport (due to Brexit)!

Don't forget accident insurance, we recommend the annual Multitravel insurance from Allianz Tiriac.

We will stop at restaurants along the route, and for dinner we already have the locations set (with options).

At lunchtime we may buy supermarket produce and picnic in some special scenic spots.

Iceland is a country with strict controls on the sale of alcohol, so you will only find alcoholic drinks in restaurants, bars and a certain chain of shops. Not in petrol stations or supermarkets.

(5 customer reviews)

5 reviews for Vacanta Islanda – Geysere, vulcani, ghețari: Martie 2023

  1. Iulian Mihai -

    A fantastic "nature road trip", best ever for us. Perfect timing (not crowded at important attractions); tour guide is well documented/knowledgeable in the area. Definitely recommend this trip!

  2. Mihai Iuliana -

    Highly recommend to nature lovers! You will not be disappointed! Every day of the trip was a delight!
    The organisation was very good in all aspects - accommodation, objectives, transport, information and communication.
    I will definitely go with you on other trips!
    I can't wait!

  3. Alexe Alexandru -

    One of the best trips I have ever done with MaresOutdoorEvents and in 13 years I have done a lot with them.

  4. Anca Vicoleanu (verified owner) -

    A fantastic trip to a fascinating place from which I was hardly physically and not at all emotionally detached. The organisation was impeccable in every way, as always. Thanks for another unforgettable experience!

  5. Alexandru Oprea -

    A fantastic country!A super organization.For 4 years I've been attending events organized by Mares,I think this was No.1.Thanks to the org team.See you soon.

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