Rafting, gliding on water between freedom and adrenaline.

Many people, when they hear about rafting, associate the term with something complicated, an activity that requires intense and serious training beforehand. We want to dismantle preconceived ideas about the sport and actually show that rafting is for you. Maybe it never occurred to you that you could try it, maybe you weren't convinced, or maybe you're just not that keen on the water. With an open attitude and a "yes" said at the beginning with quivering lips, this can be one of the best adventures. And it's even more beautiful if you share it with someone! Rafting is a safe sport that is played on fast water.

We are on the Buzău River every weekend, until the first snowfall. Once you get the idea that you want to give it a try, just contact us and make a reservation. Once you get past the awkward moments at the beginning, you'll relax along the way and enjoy the rafting activity, learn to listen to and execute commands from the rafting guide and let your mind drift peacefully through the rushing drops of water.

By far the most intense feeling many people share with us after a rafting trip is that of clearing your mind, reconnecting with yourself and nature, and finding peace of mind.

MOE guides are real storytellers, so on the boat ride you will learn many stories and really cool things you didn't know about your country, or about physical activity in general.

On a rafting trip you can get moving and experience the adrenaline rush without putting your life at risk. The activity itself and the considerable paddling effort will probably make you sleep like a baby, and you'll feel energised, at least for a while. 🙂

Rafting is for you, especially if you want to keep your soul young and your body strong. Fears and fears, we say, you can hide in your left trouser pocket.

Simple. You just have to wish sometimes to get away from the city noise and let nature enchant you.


Mel | Outdoor Enthusiast

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