Are you in your comfort zone? Bleach, get rid of it fast!

We like to put it this way One life. Live it. It's our most precious value, and it's what we live by on our tours. That's why our tours don't come from dusty commercial catalogues, they come from the heart and the desire to leave the comfort zone behind and find a harmonious connection between individuals and nature.

Leave your comfort zone and live life to the fullest! Or at least choose to disconnect from the everyday outside of work and experience new sensations and stimuli. Ok, I get that you don't fully embrace the extreme life but at least choose to do activities that bring you positive energy. Instead of sitting at home watching TV, let's hang out in a hammock in nature and read a novel. Or let's try something really new, maybe who knows, it really appeals to us and we repeat the activity. What is certain is that in order to maintain harmony with ourselves and automatically with those around us, we must at least sometimes taste what nature offers us. And, oh my, it offers us a lot!

We have to recognise that the comfort zone is a disguised assassin, coming in through the shroud and aiming to destroy everything: personality, confidence, relationships, vocation, trust and self-esteem etc.

The comfort zone is just an illusion we feed on, a barrier we impose on ourselves out of fear of losing the peace and comfort we have worked so hard to build. But magic doesn't happen in the comfort zone, it happens up there on the mountaintop, among the rushing rivers, at campfires among the jokes and smiles of jovial people, on the hike where we broke our shoes, on the bike ride where we got muddy, in the poorly pitched tent where mosquitoes bit us, in the sand that got between our toes, in the wind that blew hard and ruffled our hair, in the sun that burned our faces, in the scratches and bumps we got climbing mountain paths. That's where the real adventure and magic happens!

"Life begins where your comfort zone ends!" Neale Donald Walsch

With us you step out of your comfort zone, breathe, live, feel, experience through all the stimuli and sensors and then start again!


Mel | Outdoor Enthusiast

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