Rafting Buzau river: We receive many questions about rafting every day, by phone, by email, on the official website, on the facebook page. Therefore, today we decided to answer some of them.

The moment you do a Google search using the word "Rafting" you are sure to see lots of images of inflatable boats on the river, huge waves, people dressed for battle, with life jackets, helmets, paddles, overturned boats, people falling into the water, etc. One thing is certain, after viewing these images provided by Google, you are either very excited to try it or you are scared and think it is not for you and is far too extreme and dangerous. What you really need to know is that although rafting seems like a particularly extreme and dangerous sport, you can do it too, the average citizen caught between gadgets, technologies and corporate tasks.

An important point is that rafting difficulty grades differ and are graded from I to VI, while commercial rafting is practiced up to grade IV. The rest is left to the experts.

Dangerous? We have already established that anyone with a little curiosity and a spirit of adventure can participate in a rafting trip. Like any sport, rafting also has some risks, but with the right equipment and guidance from experienced guides, it will be a super adventure.

Fit? As rafting is quite an intense sporting activity, you need to have some exercise on board. That doesn't mean you have to be all fibre, but you should be prepared for an intense but enjoyable activity where moving in the desired direction depends solely on the people in the boat.

Experience? You don't need experience to go on a rafting tour, there are rafting guides for that. That's why every time before our rafting tours we do the briefing, which includes all the information you need to know before starting the tour.

Attire? Many people ask us questions about our dress code. Well for a rafting trip you'll need a swimsuit. The rest of the equipment (wetsuit, helmet, vest, shoes) you get from us. We should mention that on very warm and sunny days you can raft in shorts and a t-shirt, over which you have a life jacket, which is a very important accessory, and a hat to protect you from the sun is always welcome. Ahhh! And let's not forget sunscreen and water to hydrate you.

Rafting Buzau

Why raft with us?

There are so many reasons that there is not enough time to list them all.

We look forward to your fun!

P.S. Take your friends!

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