How nice it is when you get up in the morning and life smacks you in the face. When I'm not at the office, I'm in nature. I love to be caressed by the sun and charged with positive vibes, so I can share them later with those around me. So I woke up Saturday morning, not very early, grabbed my backpack in a hurry and headed out the door. I quickly stop by the office to get my camera and then wait quietly at the meeting place. Setting off, I was already thinking how great it was going to be, especially since the sun had already warmed us up well, well, and the weather was perfect for the rafting trip that was to follow.

DSC 0677 rafting on buzau and external tours in romania or canyoning on Porumbacu

12:00, destination guesthouse Wolf Valley, Nehoiu, Buzău, Mares Outdoor Events rafting base. Tourists arrive curious and enthusiastic, receive their rafting suits and we all head for the river, where a 13 km tour awaits us.

Stefan, also the youngest member of the team, gives information about rafting, equipment and presents relaxed and meticulous rules that we all have to follow. With the "safety talk" done and the tourists equipped, the boats are brought to shore, people warm up and take a dip to get used to the water. All the while I'm taking care to capture the most unique smiles and moments with my camera.

3, 2, 1 and boarding!

Everyone was divided into boats. At first the commands were repeated near the barrage, so we got used to the manoeuvres, then we set off on our adventure.

DSC 0746 rafting on buzau and external tours in romania or canyoning on Porumbacu

The Buzau River loosened everyone up that afternoon. People left their thoughts and problems at home, their gadgets at their desks, had water splashing on their faces and laughed like children as they splashed each other with water. There were muddy areas on the route, which alternated with quiet areas, and along the way we encountered waterfall areas, such as the famous "washing machine". People laughed with incredible gusto, but also had some pleasantly scary thrills, especially when jumping into the "washing machine" area.

DSC 0815 rafting on buzau and external tours in romania or canyoning on Porumbacu

No one knew what to expect, and many of those present were a little nervous at first, but they all relaxed as the event went on. The guides are always careful to motivate people, make the experience as enjoyable as possible and give them a sense of security.

The rafting tour ended with lots of jokes, smiles, photos and cold, juicy watermelon, which was devoured with incredible gusto by all present on the tour.

The excitement on Saturday was enough to make the moment unforgettable!




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