Rafting in autumn colours

The alarm clock announces its presence. I wave to the sun, but there's no sign of it. Ready to go, we are excited about how the day is going to turn out. Arriving at Wolf Valleyautumn no longer smelled strongly of summer. We brought the rain with us. With a few shy rays of sunshine cast through the clouds, we welcome the people with a warm heart. We don our thickest and smokin' hot neoprene suits and are ready to hit the water.

The atmosphere of the group is warm and friendly, as if we have known each other all our lives. It doesn't even matter that it's cold outside and the cold wind is blowing in our faces. In a few minutes we're going to warm up anyway. Lots of smiles, new people, familiar and not so familiar faces and smiles, positive vibes and a mad desire for, of, of ... just adventure and adrenaline! With the boats on the water we let ourselves go, literally and figuratively. 🙂

Every now and then, we'd splash a few splashes of cold water on our faces to make the most of the moment. The route was followed only by smiles, battle cries, boat captains proudly steering their boats with their men. More jokingly than seriously, the rafting tour ended at the famous "washing machine", where the bravest showed how hardcore they are. Some showed their skills and took to the slackline above the "washing machine", taking a cool dip at the end. Others tested for the first time on the "washing machine" the world's coolest rafting boat, a brand new EXPLORER 200!

Some of the little people were instead content to take photos and enjoy their taste buds with delicious flavours, drawn from a pot like Sinziana's mother's at home, or a rum tea. Cinnamon mulled wine was also present at the afternoon feast, putting a little colour in everyone's cheeks. And finally, the more rambunctious enjoyed an unforgettable ride in Blackbeard's boat.

After an energetic and adrenaline-filled day, the evening kept us warm with a campfire and, of course, the boiling brandy, which made us all share the craziest stories.

The party continued with a crazy mix of disco & rock beats, getting us to let our creativity run wild with fun dance moves!

In other words, we have completed the ninth season of rafting on Buzău with lots of smiles, a cool lap and a great party!

Rafting turrets continues in the post-season throughout November at a special price of 150 lei/person.

Too cold for rafting? No way! We have the thickest 5.5 mm neoprene and guarantee that paddling will definitely warm you up!


Mel | Outdoor Enthusiast

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