Learning a mountain sport like skiing or snowboarding on your own is quite difficult. That's why choosing an instructor is a great idea. Before opting for an instructor, make sure they are licensed, as the slopes are full of fake instructors without certification who will put your life at risk. So, yes! It's your right to ask the instructor for proof. If he refuses or refuses, go to the next one without fear. A ski instructor a true professional will show you the authorization card and will understand that this aspect is very relevant both for the safety of the tourist and for the safety of the instructor. So, with the help of a ski instructor you will get through the often frustrating and sometimes painful first stage much faster. With a ski instructor, you are guaranteed to understand the rules of the game and get the moves right.

What you have to understand is that in this play you are the main character. Before you get down to business, it's essential to evaluate certain aspects. You don't necessarily have to be in great shape, but the first lesson will be demanding. The important thing is not to get discouraged and to remember that skiing or snowboarding is also about relaxation, detachment and fun. The important thing is to feel relaxed and detached on the playground. Even if sometimes the slopes happen to be perhaps more crowded, it's the attitude that really counts.

A good ski instructor will always use the power of example. So choose an instructor who can exemplify what they are asking you to do. An instructor who hits the slopes with their students is a good instructor. Beware of instructors who are only equipped for skiing, and who don't have skis or a snowboard and want to teach you, because they won't be with you on the slopes, and you will feel discouraged at the end.

In other words, a good ski or snowboard instructor is always open to showing you his or her licence, tries as much as possible to get to know you and get close to you for the purpose of the lesson, listens to you and understands you in a respectful and calm manner, is patient and offers explanations when you don't understand, is with you on the slopes and skis with you, focuses on your safety and the safety of others, encourages you and changes your mistakes, advises you on the correct choice of equipment and last but not least shows you exactly what he or she wants from you.


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