Family is for each of us a very important aspect of our lives, because it is where we learn, develop, grow. One of the best things is to have different activities with your family, activities that will help build new memories and experiences.

Outdoor activities are ideal for loved ones, especially now during the holiday and winter sports season. Nothing brings a family closer together than time spent together, long conversations, movement and nature. We propose as an activity a family ski holiday in Poiana Brasov. Definitely come on holiday with the whole family. So why not do ski courses in Poiana Brasov in the same band?

The Family Ski package is ideal for a family of four, as you won't be paying for separate hours for each member of your family, making skiing hours a fun family activity, with everyone from grandparents to grandchildren feeling like they're on holiday.

Why choose the Family SKI package?

  1. If you want to instil a passion for mountain sports in your children, Family Ski package this ideal. You may have noticed that as children get older, parents may find it harder to bring the family together for various activities. Skiing or snowboarding can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age.
  2. This package is very advantageous for the family. You can even take advantage of promotional offers specially designed for your family.
  3. It is an easy activity. With the guidance and on-part assistance we provide and with advice and help in choosing and adjusting equipment, anyone can learn to ski. Of course any start is difficult, but we can also offer individual swings for improvement.
  4. It's fun for everyone! Activity in nature helps to relax, brings joy and anytime a source of energy and fresh air is welcome.
  5. The price of the Family Ski package is affordable and the very open instructors are at your disposal for any details and information, as they have experience working on the slopes with adults, children and people with special needs.


In other words, both children and adults benefit from the experience.

We offer you twenty years of patient and cheerful patience and look forward to fun on the slopes.


For details & bookings call 0724 447 211.

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