We won't tell you much about the two towers, White and Black; maybe just that from the terrace of the first one you have a very nice view of the Citadel and the STALIN sign.

How? Can't you see?

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Yes, "at the request of the Brasov workers" the name of the city was changed from Brasov to Stalin on August 25, 1950, and was to remain so for 10 years. Like 14 other cities in as many satellite states of the USSR...

Local urban legend has it that Sibiu was originally planned as a candidate for the name of Stalin; but as the already famous salami from Sibiu would have been called strange... the idea was dropped 🙂

By the way, Sibiu salami has been made since 1910. By the Italian Filippo Dozzi, in... Sinaia!

We return to the two towers, with the caveat that in late autumn after the leaves fall from the Tâmpa some of the famous letters, made by planting spruce trees, are still visible!

Both towers were part of the circular fortification of the fortress as outer watchtowers, linked by drawbridges to the Graft Bastion and the Blacksmiths' Bastion respectively.

Our path continues down the alleyway from the White Tower to the Black Tower; once at the bottom, a surprise awaits you at the bridge over the Graft stream (Spurcata, as the locals call it).

And Ruxi! 🙂