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By origin from the beautiful and melodious Italian language, Via Ferrata means "iron road." For those who don't know it comes with fun, adventure, with unique paintings depicting towering mountains, with textures and colors ripped from a fearless nature, a nature waiting to be sipped from the eyes, caressed and conquered.

Via Ferrata is so named because it refers to a mountain route with cables, metal bridges, iron steps (set directly into the rock) and other anchors such as suspension bridges or sleepers. Thus, such a route is roped and allows even less experienced tourists to walk the exposed routes and vertical walls and reach the mountain tops safely.

The most important element in Via Ferrata is, of course, the equipment, without which this activity cannot be carried out in absolute safety. Therefore, each participant must wear the appropriate equipment for this type of route. This usually consists of the following components:

The first steps on the Via Ferrata can be full of excitement for first-timers. But with a little care and determination you can enjoy spectacular natural scenery.

We have prepared for you an exploration tour of Canyoning and Via Ferrata in the Bicaz Gorge. It leaves camping and stories around the fire, jumping, swimming and rappelling, spectacular Via Ferrata routes and enough memories and stories to share with your office mates.

Why go?

Because the route is well laid out and you are always safe with us. Above all, you connect with nature, get enough adventure and adrenaline to last you the whole week, enjoy spectacular scenery that you can capture through the lens of your camera.

In other words, the experience is a great one!




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