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CARV TurboSki. You've never skied like this!

660,00 lei

About CARV TurboSki. You've never skied like this!

CARV TurboSkiMares© - the fastest way "from Zero to Hero"!   The world's most accurate ski app team up with your instructor's 24 years of experience. Like never before, we can now almost completely suppress subjective analysis and study exactly how you apply pressure to your skis in each phase of the turn, how hard, at what angle, how much you load one ski in relation to the other. After each turn we combine feedback from the application with that of the instructor and devise corrective exercises for the next turn. Feedback comes not only after the turn but also during the turn, in the helmet!!! TurboSki: The Turbo package is technically suited to intermediate-advanced skiers.   Technicality:
  • The app does not need to be installed on your phone
  • The CARV system contains 2 gills with 72 sensors that are temporarily mounted in your rinsers without changing any of their characteristics. For this reason 30-45 minutes should be allocated before the CARV TurboSki session for mounting, adjustment, calibration
  • In order to analyse and improve multiple technical aspects (balance, pressure, cantare, rotation) CARV sessions last four hours and cannot be shortened.
  • We recommend skis with small turning radius
  • Choose to come to CARV TurboSki on a day when the slopes are as uncrowded as possible so that we can run without restrictions and with as little waiting time as possible.
  Unfortunately the app is strictly calibrated for alpine skiing and does not give relevant results in snowboarding or telemark skiing. We regret this along with our colleagues who slide on something other than traditional skis! If you are interested in other ski & snowboard lessons we invite you to consult the programme Mareș Outdoor Events Ski School! :-)
Activity Level


No. Max Group


Activity Time

4 hours

What you included

  • 4 hours of skiing with instructor and CARV application
  • phone and headphones connected to the app
  • homework
  • print screen of the monitoring of each shift, including all technical data provided by the application

What you didn't include

  • ski equipment
  • skipass (instructor's included)


Frequent Questions

  • I don't know anything about this app. Do you need experience?


    We'll use it together and explain all the important features.

    From the plethora of work possibilities it offers we will filter and choose strictly what helps you immediately.

    The results show very quickly!


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