Ski touring at night in Postăvaru. Or Postănaiț :)

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About Ski de la tour, night in Postăvaru. Or Postănaiț :)

Ski touring: Come with us to climb Postăvaru by starlight!

Fourteen years ago we started going up in the evenings on touring skis at the Postăvaru hut. It happened to be on a Wednesday and then, arriving by chance on the seals at a hut in the Gastein valley, Austria we discovered that Wednesday ascents were a tradition :)

That's how Postănaiț was born, the tradition of night climbs up to the hut!

Today the movement is very popular and night after night the hut fills up with enthusiasts of seals or mountain running.

We invite you to join us in enjoying the magic of starry nights and the lights of the cities that lie at our feet.

We go up every Wednesday and Saturday evening with friendly weather from 8 February to 29 March, from 6pm.

We descend by torchlight at 9.30 pm.

You'll get fellow tour mates sharing a bit of climbing technique with you on tour gear and making sure you're safer than alone at night on the mountain.

All our guides are AGMR accredited mountain guides or ski/snowboard instructors with years of experience.

Ski touring! A unique adventure that takes you away from the crowds on the slopes!

If you fall in love with the crunch of the snow under the seals, we invite you to be our comrade in ski adventures in Bulgaria, Montenegro, Georgia, Turkey times Iceland.

 You get it from us:

  • headlamp

  • technical tips for ascent and descent

  • a hot tea (with the possibility to upgrade to Jaegertee!) at our friends, Postăvaru hut

  • on request we help you to rent new or almost new touring equipment - skis, snowboards, poles

Bring it with you:

  • skis, seals, poles or splitboard equipment

  • hat, gloves, ski goggles, ski helmet

  • windproof clothing. Ski suit, if you don't have something more lightweight

  • a spare blouse


  • Club Rossignol (Poiana-Brașov) - Postăvaru Hut

  • 3.5 km / + 550 m (i.e. we go up a difference in level of 550 m and down the same difference in level)

  • the climb takes 45 minutes - 1.5 hours

Programming: at least one day in advance.

Get down: is on skis or board at 9.30 pm on the Drumul Roșu slope.

You need to be able to at least make detours in the plow to enjoy the descent!

You are welcome to ski or snowboard lessons, during the day, HERE!

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      (3 customer reviews)

      3 reviews for Ski de tură, noaptea în Postăvaru. Sau Postănaiț :)

      1. Sebastian Suteu -

        It was sensational...thank you so much for this wonderful experience!

      2. Sebastian Suteu -

        It was sensational...thank you so much for this wonderful experience!

      3. Ionela Cucu -

        It was an excellent experience. I'll come again 🙂

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